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The amazing metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil
   Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo is the biggest city in South America. The sprawling metropolis has as many tall buildings as New York, and is similarly the financial capital of Brazil. Sao Paulo is also a major airport hub that many travellers pass when they travel to Rio de Janeiro or around Brazil. Due to the amazing size of this city, it is hard to find the optimal way to occupy your time. AR Tourism Brazil has some suggestions for you on how to spend your time in this section of the site.

Sao Paulo Highlights:

Sao Paulo Luxury Hotel Lodging
Sao Paulo has a number of excellent hotels. Although most hotels are quite business-minded, there are a few properties that allow you to spend your time in Sao Paulo in complete comfort and luxury.

Fabulous dining possibilities are enjoyed by visitors to Sao Paulo, Brazil Dining and Entertainment
Sao Paulo offers world class dining to the visitor. Brazilian and Argentine steak houses are unmatched the world over, and are found in grand city. Additionally, fine French and Italian restaurants serve delicious, authentic food in traditional European decor.

Sao Paulo Tours and Services:

Sao Paulo Tour City Tour:
A three hour city tour of Sao Paulo is the best way to get familiar with the sights and history of this city. Your knowledgeable guide will pick you up at your hotel and show you a number of sights around the city.

Sao Paulo Museums Museums and Parks Tour:
Sao Paulo has a number of excellent museums for the visitor to enjoy. There are also some beautiful parks that are simply a delight. This tour will allow you to see all these highlights in just 6 hours. The tour is the optimal way to see the most of Sao Paulo's cultural scene in complete privacy and safety.

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