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The Beaches, Culture, and People of Recife

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Recife is a tantalizing blend of old and new, beautifully situated along miles of white-sand beaches lined with stately palm trees. Often called the "Venice of Brazil" because of its numerous waterways and bridges, they say the sun shines brightest in Recife. Locals and visitors alike take full advantage of the abundant sunshine with a myriad of beach-centered activities.

This exciting capital of the Northeast state of Pernambuco is also renowned for its vibrant art scene, offering a vast array of music, dance, and folklore celebrations, as well as some of the country's finest folk art.

Recife Activities and Tours:

Tour the lively city of Recife City Tour, Recife and Olinda:
This tour passes by beautiful Boa Viagem beach on the way to Recife's colonial city center to view its historic churches, baroque architecture, picturesque waterways and bridges. From Recife we make the short trip to Olinda, a UNESCO world heritage city, where we will explore the town's narrow streets, shaded convents, and brightly colored houses. The tour concludes with panoramic views of Recife, Olinda, and the bay islands from the heights of Alto da Se (Cathedral Hill.)

The historic church of Igarassu, Brazil Igarassu and Itamaraca Island:
This excursion takes you to historic Igarassu, 65 km from Recife, where along with beautiful colonial buildings you will visit Brazil's oldest church, founded in 1535 and dedicated to Saints Cosma and Damian. Also visit gorgeous Itamaraca Island, Fort Orange, and stopping at the island's Manatee Ecological Reserve. Optional boat tour to Ilha do Amor (Island of Love) and Coroa do Aviao (Crown of the Airplane).

Travel to one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil in Porto de Galinhas Porto de Galinhas:
Located only 30 miles from Recife you will find one of Brazil's most fashionable beach towns, Porto de Galinhas. This small village is home to one of Brazil's most beautiful beaches, made famous by the numerous celebrities who flock to its sandy shores each year. Miles of white sand, crystal water, and natural pools are just a few of the many delights of this charming beach resort.

Visit Recife on a tour that takes you to the best places to enjoy the evening hours in the city Recife by Night:
This nocturnal tour takes you around the Recife Antigo (Old Recife) district where every night the city comes alive with the sounds of music and laughter. This is where you will find many of the city's best restaurants, live music venues, and hottest nightclubs.

The miles of beautiful Brazilian beaches await Gaibu and Calhetas Beaches:
Located 40 km South of Recife, the beaches of Gaibu and Calhetas are a veritable paradise of sparkling blue seas and silky sand. This is your chance to enjoy the abundant natural beauty of Pernambuco, swimming in the tranquil waters, snorkeling off the nearby reef, or simply relaxing on the sun-soaked beach. Optional lunch.

The unmatched street markets of Caruaru, Brazil Caruaru / Nova Jerusalem:
Caruaru is famous for its multitude of diverse "feiras" (street markets), as well as being the capital of Forro, a musical style typical of the Brazilian Northeast. The Caruaru fair is the largest in the region; and here you can find anything from jewelry and clothes, to art and ceramics. After Caruaru we will visit the nearby city of Nova Jerusalem, famous for its annual Easter Passion Play, with daily performances during Lent.

Explore the depth of the local culture and customs on this tour Cultural City Tour:
Visit to the historic center of Recife, stopping at the key historical and cultural highlights, including the Capela Dourada (Golden Chapel); Museum of the Northeast; and the Igreja da Misericordia. (Entry not included).

Recife Nearby Luxury Beach Resorts:

A luxury bungallow at the Nannai Beach Resort in Brazil Nannai Beach Resort
The Nannai Beach Resort sets the bar for excellence in lodging throughout Brazil. Guests enjoy private swimming pools, personal verandahs, and complete privacy, leaving no detail or desire unfulfilled. Quality and Comfort will characterize your luxuriously lavish stay at this truly magnificent beach resort.
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