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The Beaches and Culture of Parati in Brazil

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Located on Brazil's lush "Green Coast," the small town of Parati, also spelled Paraty (and pronounced par-a-chee), is an impeccably preserved monument to Brazil's colonial roots. In the 1800's the city flourished as the only port allowing access to the gold mines in Minas Gerais. When more efficient transportation routes were discovered at the end of the 19th century, Parati's glory quickly faded and it was nearly forgotten for over half a century. Today, this charming town has re-emerged as a favorite weekend escape, attracting everybody from history buffs, to beach lovers, to outdoor enthusiasts.

In order to preserve Parati's tranquil ambience, no automobile traffic is allowed inside the city center. The town is about a three hour drive (130 miles) from Rio de Janeiro.

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Parati Highlights:

A colonial house in Paraty, Brazil The Colonial Architecture
The buildings found in Parati are considered the most harmonious and well-preserved collection of 18th century architecture in all of Brazil. Spend a magical day wandering through Parati's cobblestone streets, admiring the elegant architecture, touring the 18th century churches, and exploring the town's imposing fort, built to protect the tons of gold that passed through the region.

A picturesque Brazilian Beach The Beaches
Parati is also famous as a gateway to some of the most beautiful beaches of Southern Brazil. With over 300 beaches and tropical islands in the surrounding area, you can spend days discovering the tranquil islands, snorkeling in the azure waters, or simply relaxing on one of the many beaches.

Parati Activities and Tours:

Colorful boats docked near Parati, Brazil Paraty Overview Tour:
This tour provides you with an excellent overview of the area's rich history, visiting key historic sites around the city. Since automobiles are prohibited in the town's center, this is a walking tour and therefore a perfect opportunity for filming and photography.

A schooner leaves Parati destined for a tropical island Tropical Island Visit:
Charter a schooner and visit some of the 75 wonderful islands dotted throughout the bay. Spend the day exploring the islands, snorkeling, and enjoying a delicious picnic lunch specially prepared for you. This is sure to be a relaxing and fun-filled day.

Casas Brancas Pousada in Buzios, Brazil Ecotour Waterfalls and Cachaca Destilary:
This activity-filled excursion takes you into the beautiful environs of Serra da Bocaina National Park. The first stop is at a Cachaca distillery where you will have the chance to see the production of, and sample, this traditional Brazilian spirit. Following the distillery tour you are driven to a dazzlingly clear waterfall where the more adventurous may choose to take an exciting ride down nearly 100 ft of natural waterslide that has formed in the smooth rock face. Then it is on to Murycana for a short trek to two beautiful waterfalls, Poco Ingles and Pedra Branca, both found in the best preserved part of this gorgeous rainforest. Lunch can be enjoyed either at the waterfalls or at a picturesque restaurant overlooking the Pereque River. The tour finishes with a stop at a 400 year old fort and a visit to lovely Jabaquara beach before returning to Parati.

Parati Lodgings:

The homey Pousada do Sandi in Parati Brazil Pousada do Sandi:
This first class accommodation, well-situated in the historical center of Parati, is housed in a charming 18th century schoolhouse. With only 26 rooms in total, each guest at Pousada do Sandi is guaranteed personal attention and pampering by the friendly bilingual staff.
More Pousada do Sandi Information

Entrance to the Porto Imperial Pousada in Parati, Brazil Porto Imperial:
Originally home to a busy Arabian market, this comfortable hotel is located next to the church of Matriz, in the heart of the historical center. The Porto Imperial maintains its original character and historic ambience, while also offering guests up to date rooms and modern conveniences.

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