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Iguassu Waterfall Brazil
Iguassu Falls 2 Day / 1 Night Tour

Day 1
Arrive at Iguassu airport. Reception and private transfer to your lodgings followed by a tour of the Argentinean side of Iguassu Waterfalls. Explore a multitude of breathtaking views of the waterfalls as you walk on the major walking circuits around the lush park. Optional and highly recommended addition:, take The Great Adventure Boat Excursion on which you motor right up to the waterfall, cruise down the Parana River, and explore the National Park via group jeep safari. Night at a hotel of your choice.

Day 2
In the morning take a tour of the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views on this side of the waterfalls.

Take the afternoon flight back to Buenos Aires.

Note: Brazil requires a visa from tourists from the US and Canada, as well as several other countries.
Iguassu Excursion

Iguassu Boat

Iguassu Brazilian Excursion

What's Included:
* 1 Night Accommodation at lodgings of your choice
* Transfers in/out at destination
* Tours as described
* Breakfast(s) at your hotel

Hotel Options:
Argentinian Side Hotels:
Sheraton Iguassu Resort
The only hotel located within the Iguassu Falls National Park and overlooking the Iguassu Falls. Falls View rooms in the hotel have vistas of the waterfall.

Gran Hotel Iguassu and Casino
The most luxurious hotel in Iguassu. Deluxe rooms, casino, and evening entertainment are the highlights of this lodging option.

Cataratas Hotel
A good hotel in Iguassu featuring comfortable rooms and a friendly staff.

Esturion Hotel
An affordable and adequate option for value travelers.

Brazilian Side Hotels:
Dos Cataratas Hotel
The hotel is located within the National Park and overlooks the Iguassu Falls from the Brazilian side of the wonder.

Bourbon Iguassu Golf Club And Resort
Brazilian hospitality in the comfort of a beautiful resort that host the region's only quality golf course.

Trip Add-Ons:
Add on any of the excursions below to your itinerary to enhance your visit. Add-ons can be incorporated in the beginning, middle, or at the end of your visit. These excursions will simply extend the length of your visit.

Iguassu Boat The Great Adventure Excursion
Enjoy a boat ride right to the foot of the waterfall,followed by a cruise down the Parana river, and topped off with a ride through Iguassu National Park via jeep 'safari'. The two and a half hour excursion can be added on to your day on the Argentinean side of the Falls.

Iguassu Yacutinga Lodge Yacutinga Lodge & Wildlife Nature Reserve
Stay at the Yacutinaga Nature Reserve to experience this unbelievable rainforest in a quiet setting. The organized walking, bird-watching, and boat tours provide you glimpses of the park away from the crowds that flock to Iguassu Falls each year. A stay at the Yacutinga Lodge can be inserted at any part of your Iguassu visit. The lodge is located on the Brazil side of Igauzu Falls and a stay of two or three nights is standard.

Jesuit Ruins Jesuits Mission Ruins Excursion
Visit the ruins of the huge 18th century Jesuit settlement San Ignacio Mini on a day trip from Iguassu. These picturesque ruins are in the midst of the subtropics, in a tiny town of total calm and serenity. This excursion takes place on the Argentine Side of Iguassu and also does not require a Brazilian Visa.

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