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  Tiwa Amazonas Eco-Resort
Located just ten kilometers from Manus on the picturesque banks of the Rio Negro River, The Tiwa Amazonas Eco-Resort is one of the most unique lodging options you'll find throughout South America. Its twenty-six double guest houses, built on stilts high above a secluded Amazonian lake, are almost too distinctive to describe. Each equipped with a combined bedroom and sitting area and private bathroom, the guest houses hover over the deep blue waters below, casting rich reflections and unmatched views of the waters and surrounding rainforest. To further add to the appeal of this magnificent lodging option, spacious patios upon which guests may spend a relaxing evening or rejuvenating sunrise are attached to each of the guest houses.

A stay at the Tiwa Amazonas Eco-Resort will include full board (comprised of daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, options) as well as a collection of optional excursions and adventures throughout the jungle at your disposal. These explorations include day programs including "treetop tours", rock climbing excursions, and jungle hiking treks. You will also be encouraged to participate in a variety of nightly evening activities which showcase the culture of the surrounding region. Music performances, Cultural discussions, and Dance exhibitions will keep you entertained at night, once you return from a day of exploration and discovery.

Much like any destination located on or near the Equator, the weather experienced at the Tiwa Amazonas Eco-Resort remains fairly constant and steady year-round. With an average temperature of 30 degrees Celcius, and mostly high levels of humidity, you'll wish to prepare for a trip laden with Amazonian heat. Because of its location above the fresh and cooling waters of a jungle lake, this Eco-resort boasts temperatures slightly lower than those posted in the surrounding regions.

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Beyond the Grounds of the Tiwa Eco-Resort
Should you choose to venture beyond the two square kilometers which comprise the grounds of the Tiwa Amazonas Eco-Resort, you'll find ample possibilities for day and weekend ventures. Crocodile hunting tours, evening voyages along the Amazon River, trips into the caves of the Presidente Fiquereido, and walks along the beautiful moon beach are just a few the options that await. The location of the Tiwa Eco-Resort is unmatched, and coupled with the facility's notably accommodating staff, you should have little trouble filling your days with meaningful activities both on and off of the premises.

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