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Amazing Monkeys, Giant Waterlillies, and the Ariau Towers in the Amazon, Brazil
   4 Day / 3 Night Amazon Tour Itinarary

Map of Brazil

This tour could be arranged out of one of the three eco-lodges: Tiwa Eco Resort, Ariau Jungle Towers or Amazon Eco-Park.

Day 1
We'll bid farewell to civilization in Manaus and board a regional boat. It provides a unique opportunity to observe and photograph forest and wildlife from a different perspective - from the water.

Upon arrival, reception and accommodation in the lodge, we have just enough time for a short reconnaissance tour with our guide and will likely see a variety of the multitude of flora and fauna that inhabit the rainforest.

Day 2
Today, we'll explore nearby trails on Jungle trek through the Amazonian rainforest. It is a great way to immerse oneself in the wilds of the jungle. Knowledgeable guides will lead you through this magnificent environment, pointing out the unique flora and wildlife along the way.

The afternoon includes a trip to one of the native's houses, caboclo. When the sun goes down, some of the most exciting animals of the Amazon come alive, including the notorious Black Caiman Alligator. Your experienced guide will lead you on nocturnal alligator spotting tour, providing in-depth information about this fascinating predator and its life and habits

Day 3
Our morning is devoted to Piranha fishing. One of the most ferocious fish in the world, it is said that a group of piranha can eat a full-grown cow in under an hour. This exciting excursion gives you the chance to catch the fearsome piranha in its natural habitat, but from the safety of our boat.

After lunch, we'll have some time to relax and than go on Sunset tour to see glorious Amazonian sunset.

Day 4
On this last day, we will rise very early in order to see sunrise. After breakfast we prepare for our departure and board the boat one last time, for our journey back to Manaus. We'll brace ourselves for the shock of returning to the relative hustle and bustle of civilization, after our magical 4 days as guests of the rainforests' creatures.

Shorter (2 days/3nights) or longer (5days/4nights) stays can be arranged

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