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The Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise Ship Finding an ideal Cruise ship option is often challenging, as most travelers desire the many comforts and amenities of a large ship as well as the ability to cruise to more desolate destinations often only reached by smaller vessels. Patrons of the Amazon Clipper Premium are impressed with the ship's ability to fulfill both desires, time and time again, describing the boat as both quaint and luxurious. Should you choose this vacation option, you will sail through the picturesque Amazonian forest in high style, for three, four, or five days, visiting a collection of remote destinations untarnished by human contact.

Day excursions departing from the Amazon Clipper Premium are truly one of a kind and are not to be missed. With the help of outboard powered canoes, you will see dense rainforests, vast flooded plains, lakes covered with enormous water lilies, and a spattering of local communities hidden by the woods. Night trips, exposing the fascinating nocturnal life of the Amazon are also available for your pleasure, once again demonstrating the Amazon Clipper Premium's affinity for exposing all aspects of Amazonian life. If you are lucky, you may even witness a traditional tribal ceremony performed by the Indians of the Amazon.

Although the Amazon Clipper Premium is relatively small is size, the services and features it provides are quite grand. Aboard the entertainment deck, visitors utilize a library, lecture room, video facilities, a full service bar, and covered outdoor seating ideal for sightseeing both day and night. Also, a pair of whirlpools atop the deck provides much needed refreshment for travelers in the Amazonian heat. Regardless of what you choose to do, you will enjoy panoramic views from the deck, which you are likely never to forget.

All of the passengers of the Amazon Clipper Premium dine together in a single setting, enjoying ever-changing vistas from the window-lined dining deck. Each evening, a new buffet of international cuisine is offered, providing guests with a specialty selection or a vegetarian option.

Individual accommodations aboard the Amazon Clipper Premium consist of outside cabins exclusively, providing every guest with a personal view of the wonders of the Amazon. Additionally, there are both pros and cons which accompany the ship's small size ability to host a total of only 32 guests at one time. First and foremost, this feature will you afford you with the highest quality customer service and care. The kind staff of the clipper will do everything in their power to make sure your needs are met. A downside to the ships small side, however, is the need to book your trip exceedingly early. We encourage you to contact the helpful staff of AR Tourism Brazil, to ensure that your travel plans are accurately and efficiently coordinated.

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