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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
The Wonders of Rio

Visit the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro and enjoy a full selection of lodgings, tours and activities.
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Iguassu Falls, Brazil
The Iguassu Waterfalls

Travel to the wondrous waterfalls and enjoy the best lodgings and excursions when you travel with AR Tourism.
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Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Carnival Celebrations

The most colorful party on the planet happens in February in the phenomenal city of Rio de Janeiro.
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Vacation in Brazil Map
Destinations in Brazil

Interactive map offers insight into your options on your vacation to Brazil and Brazil's many regions.
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What is Special about Vacationing in Brazil
To fully enjoy this magical destination AR Tourism helps you build your perfect trip itinerary. After finding out your interests and vacation preferences AR Tourism would be happy to create the ideal trip for you.

Brasil Overview:

Brazil is one of the world's most amazing countries, a country that simply must be visited to be understood and appreciated. Brazil is also a very big country that offers many highlights and destinations. This website will help you make better sense of this country and get you started for your upcoming trip.

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, take time to read about each destination that interests you in the Brazilian Destinations sections of this site. Also take look at the Map of Brazil and South America to see where each destination is located. With all that information, you can give AR Tourism a call for assistance in combining these destinations into a great itinerary.

Brazil is located on the opposite side of the equator from North America. As a result, the seasons are reversed: when it is winter here, it is summer in Brazil and vice versa. Winter in Rio de Janeiro is comparable to November in Los Angeles or September in New York City. The Amazon, Iguassu Falls, and the other destinations in Brazil are very enjoyable no matter what time you visit, there are some seasonal differences though.

Brazil: Rio De Janeiro | Iguassu Falls | The Amazon | The Pantanal | Salvador de Bahia
Special Interest: Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro | New Year in Rio De Janeiro

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